J. Michelle

Designing for the LGBTQI community.

Custom album covers

I create beautiful projects with purpose and vibrant integration into your music. Designs are innovative, iconic and tailored to exceed expectations. Album covers are my primary focus.

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jewelry and artwork

I create Jewelry and Artwork that captures the essence of the Southwest designed and made by  J. Michelle

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Join the 30+

transition club

Have you transitioned more than once ? Held back for one reason or another ? Join others like you ! Anyone over 30+ years old who is re-transitioning…….. Welcome to a community that supports you.

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about silver arroyo

I design pieces that will encourage interest in your Album.

I create art that inspires from the heart.

I have created the 30+ transition club. Benefiting transgender people who are on their 2nd attempt…or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc…







Jennifer Michelle

Hello ! I am a Transgender artist and IT professional.

I create from my heart.

I support the entirety of the LGBTQI community.

I created a 30+ Transition Club for any Transgender person that is re-transitioning, not their first time.

Equal Rights

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You are no longer alone.

Join the 30+ Transition Club today.

Tried to transition before but it just didn’t work out ? Our group is here to support you.