I create projects with passion and inspiration.

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I create Jewelry and Artwork that captures the essence of my soul. All Designed and made by

Jenny Michelle





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Join the 30+ transition club

Have you transitioned more than once ? Held back for one reason or another ? Join others like you ! Anyone over 30+ years old who is re-transitioning…….. Welcome to a community that supports you.

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Jennifer Michelle

Hello ! I am a Transgender artist focusing on Silver and mixed media Jewelry.

I create from my heart.

I have created the 30+ Transition Club.

This is exclusively for any Transgender person that is 30+ years old and re-transitioning for their

2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time.



You are no longer alone.

Join the 30+ Transition Club today.

Tried to transition before but it just didn’t work out ? Our group is here to support you.




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